Product Examples

Thank you so much for visiting our Product Example Page!  What you will see here is examples of lots of items we have sent out.  There are pictures that we take really quickly when we have a lot of something, or when we do something a little different than what is shown on the other pages.  If you have some pro pics from your wedding that you would like to share, we would LOVE to have them for our gallery! 
We have a LOT of dress label pictures!  There were starting to get a little overwhelming here, so we have moved a lot of them to their own page, which you can only click on from here.  In the dress label photos, you will see every font, and every border available.  There are also some full custom labels, some 'just adding something' labels, and some DIY (design it yourself, using the customers logo/monogram design).  The pictures here we will change out occasionally, but they will be moved to the other page to refer back to.  Please note that some full names have been altered, so if they look a bit off, that is why.

We've also recently added Hankie and Garter example pages.
See more examples on the following pages:
Dress label Page One
Dress Label Page Two

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