• When can I expect to receive my order?

    • What are your shipping options?

    • I don't see the color that I want listed as an option, do you have it?

    • My order doesn't fit / isn't right, what do I do?

    • What is your policy for rush orders?

    • What forms of payment do you accept/When will my card be charged?

    • What are my monogram options?

    • What is the difference between sm/med (average) and med/lrg (plus) size?

    • I placed my order, but haven't heard anything. Is everything okay?

    • Why would weather affect my order?

    • Why is your turnaround time longer in spring?

    • What is your refund policy?

    • What if my package is lost in shipping?

    • What if my item does not get here in time?

    • How do I send swatches?

    • Can I call you?

    When can I expect to receive my order? top

    You can always email me to find out the status of your order.  However, please keep in mind that your order will not be processed until payment has been received.   Custom orders can take some time, but we can usually work quickly if we have to.  
    When you place your order, you are asked for a "ship-by" date, with a 4 week minimum.  This date is how orders are sorted when they come in.  We watch these dates very carefully, so that your items can ship by that date.    However the date can usually be changed if you need it to be, as long as it's not a drastic change (i.e., changing the date to 2 days from now).  So if you schedule pictures, or get your dress in early, let us know, and we will try to get it to you in time. Keep in mind that if an order has a ship-by date of 6 months from now, and another order has a date of 4 weeks, the latter may get done first.  That doesn't mean that the 6 month order will take 6 months, just that we will work our scheduling so that all orders are shipped when needed.
    Keep in mind that while shipping time is pretty consistent, we have no control over shipping problems once an item leaves our hands.  We will ship items to you on or before your ship-by date.  You should have your item at latest 2-3 business days after your ship by date, since items are typically shipped priority mail.  Occasionally the mail does take longer, which is out of our control, but hopefully it will not be a delay longer than a day or two. 
    Please pick your date carefully!  Do not put your wedding date as your ship by date!  Especially if your order does not have your wedding date on it anywhere else.  We of course would hope that we would catch that, but with as many orders as we get everyday, it's not guaranteed that we would see that that is your wedding date!  I strongly recommend that you put your ship by date at least 2 weeks before your wedding.  That gives enough time to fix any problems that may arise.   
    If you have purchased a RUSH service, you can expect that your order will ship out within 15 business days (three weeks), unless you have specified a different date (for instance, if you choose rush, but have 4 weeks as your need by date, you will get it within 4 weeks).  Once done and sent, actual shipping time depends on the type of shipping chosen.

    What are your shipping options? top

    We ship most US shipments via USPS Priority Mail, Starting June 19, 2008 (orders previous to that will ship the method selected).  If you prefer another method, such as UPS ground, please contact us before ordering and we will try to accomodate that (UPS shipping is $10.95).

    I don't see the color that I want listed as an option, do you have it? top

    I currently have most fabric options listed on the site.  The colors listed are readily available.  I mostly likely can match any color you would like if you send a swatch--if I can't find the fabric, the thread or ribbon colors are secondary possiblities.  I do have quite a lot of colors on hand, so always always always email me, just to double check if you think something is not available.  I am very close to a number of fabric supply shops, so I can usually find something I need.

    My order doesn't fit / isn't right, what do I do? top

    Email me immediately!  (shelli@thegartermaker.net).  I can't fix it if I don't know there's a problem.  We do strive to take very good care of each and every order!  Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to be, we are not perfect and mistakes may happen.  If we have made an error on your order, let us know and we will take care of it as soon as we can, and we are so sorry that it happened!  We don't like to find out that something was done wrong any more than you do, believe me!

    Custom embroidered items are not returnable, unless we have made a mistake on your order. In the event that we have made a mistake, we will replace the item as soon as possible. Only in extreme circumstances is a refund necessary for a custom item. Please double check your options, and make sure that you have looked over the font in your choice to make sure that you like each letter. Non-custom items may be exchanged, but only with prior authorization.
    I cannot accept returns because you changed your mind, or the event has been cancelled.  In the event that you have cancelled your wedding or decided that you didn't really want the item, you can return your order to me and I can issue you a partial store credit for future use.   Depending on the item, there may be a fee deducted, and shipping charges are not refundable/available for credit.  If your wedding date or other information changes, you may be eligible to have the items redone at a discounted rate-please contact for details.  This is also the case if the item is done exactly as listed on the order, but a mistake was made when entering the information when ordering. 

    What is your policy for rush orders? top

    Although I do my best to accomodate everyone with a quickly shipped order, sometimes it just doesn't happen.  The turnaround time can vary greatly by the amount of orders we have, and the date specified as the ship-by date on the order..  Please remember, that the items you have ordered are all hand-crafted-per order.  Monde Design is not run by a sweatshop overseas, we are a small team of individuals that assemble and sew, just about everything that is shipped out (except special order items).  It is not a case where we are picking your order off of a shelf and packing it up.  Your order is also inspected for defects, errors, etc. prior to being shipped.

    If you need a rush order, please consider choosing rush ordering at checkout.  The rush charge will ensure that your order ships out within 3 weeks after payment is received, unless another date is specified.  I invite you to check out the rush service policy (by clicking on the link in the left menu).

    Products that do NOT qualify for rush orders are: Garters with charms, hoodies, totes, hankies, sterling silver charms, Swarovski initial charms, special order items, and bouquet sashes (except white or ivory sashes).  The reason that these items are excluded is because I need to order these items from my vendors and cannot guarantee that they will make it to me in time to get it out to you.

    Custom and Design it yourself dress labels also do not qualify, as the design process is too long. 

    Refunds are not issued for rush charges in the event that your order does not get delivered to you in time.  You can rest assured that your order will go out within 3 weeks (that's 15 business days time-unless other date specified), but if you chose any shipment method other than Express Mail, I cannot be held responsible for slow shipping.

    If you have any questions about my rush order policy, or to find out if something is in stock and available prior to ordering, please email me at
    In the event a rush order can not be filled, we will let you know as soon as possible! 

    What forms of payment do you accept/When will my card be charged? top

    I accept the following payment methods:
          Money order / Personal check
          Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express
    Credit card orders will be charged before work begins on an order.  This is due to the custom nature of the items...each one is created per order.  Catalog ordering typically is charged when an item is shipped, but that is not the case for our custom items-your card will be charged when an order is placed, or shortly thereafter.
    If a card comes up declined, the order will be canelled, and we will notify you of the problem.  99% of the time, it is simply due to a typo, and you can place the order again, and we can reprocess it, or you can choose paypal or check/money order instead.  I do not wish to have to take your CC info over the phone of via email, so this is the easiest way to keep your information safe.  Again, almost every time this has happened it's been a typo, so try again, and it most likely will be fine. 
    Please remember that if you are paying through either money order or personal check, your order will not be scheduled for completion until payment is received.  If it's payment through a personal check, your order will not be shipped until payment has cleared. 
    ATTENTION:   All checks and money orders MUST be made out to MONDE DESIGN.
    Please do NOT make checks out to Gartermaker.  If we receive a check made out to Gartermaker, we will either have to send it back and wait for a new one, or destroy it and have a new one sent.  Sorry for any inconvenience this causes-please email us if you have any questions!

    What are my monogram options? top

    You have many options for your monograms: single initial; two initial; three initial, or more (for labels).



    A single initial is typically the Bride's first initial, or the married last name initial.  Since our garters are custom, the initial can be anything you want it to be!  A lucky number, the Groom's initial, an initial in memory of a loved one, or even a tiny little design (we've done palm trees, flowers, clovers, all sorts of things).  Since it is your day, any thing you want to put on your patch or button is totally appropriate! Single initials have the most room, so it is possible to use a different font if you wish--just be sure to put it in the notes, and choose a block or script as a second option in case it doesn't stitch well. 
    A double initial has the same terms as a single initial...whatever initials you want is totally up to you.  There is still some room on a two initial for a little variety in fonts.  Again, be sure to put that in the notes with a second choice of block or script. 

    Three initial patches and buttons have the least space, and while we can always try a new font, the block and script fonts shown are made specifically to stitch at a small size.  For the arrangement of the monogram, the typical guidelines are:  Brides first initial, Last initial, middle initial; or, Bride's first initial, Married Last name initial, and Groom's first initial.

    Since space is limited, and we use a font made especially for monograms, the middle initial will not necessarily be bigger than the two side initials, but the side initials are tapered somewhat.  Please see the product pages to see examples.



    The monogram rules follow about the same as the garters, but of course you have more options on fonts, since space is not as much of an issue.  There are a number of font options, but if you are using a font for your monograms that you'd like us to try, and we will do our best for you.  If we don't have the font you are using, we most likely have something similar.  We are open to downloading new fonts that are free online, however we will not purchase new fonts.


    For a three initial monogram on a label, the middle initial is usually bigger, unless otherwise requested, or if a specialty monogram font is used.



    What is the difference between sm/med (average) and med/lrg (plus) size? top

    The general sizing difference in the garters is really not a huge amount.  The plus size garters are larger by just a couple inches, but those couple inches allow it to stretch much more-the double line garters stretch more than the single line, also.  If you are questioning whether to order a plus-if you are larger than say a 10-12, or just have large thighs--I would suggest going ahead and ordering the plus size.  It most likely be more comfortable for you.  Now if you are looking for a larger plus size--we can do that as well.  We make each garter per order, so it really can be any size.  For a larger garter-just pick a plus size and put BOLDLY in the order notes what your thigh measurement is, and I will make sure it stretches comfortably to that size.  =)  The garter is traditionally worn 3" above the knee, so that is where the measurement would be.  However if you plan to wear your garter higher, keep that in mind with your measurements.

    I placed my order, but haven't heard anything. Is everything okay? top

    When I first started Monde Design, one of the things I enjoyed the most was emailing back and forth with Brides going over their order.  Since taking over the Garter Maker website, things have gotten so busy that we unfortunately can not take the time to do that for every order.  If we did, we'd be spending all our time on emails, instead of working on the actual orders!  =) 
    You will get a confirmation order when you place your order.  If you ever have any questions about your order, or even just need some reassurance, please email us at any time!  And if I have any questions, I promise to do the same.  I hope to have everything set up on the website where every detail is taken care of.

    Why would weather affect my order? top

    Monde Design is based in the middle of the United States, and we see all sorts of weather here!  Spring time brings severe weather including tornadoes, lightning, high winds and lots of rain.  Tornadoes are of course the most dangerous for everyone, but lightning will get all the computers and sewing machines turned off and unplugged.   My sewing and embroidery machines are all computerized, and lightning will kill embroidery and sewing machines just like it will kill T.V.s and other electronics.  Also, if I'm working on a piece for you, and the power goes out in the middle of it, chances are that the design will not line up again when I restart it.  So most of us who sew choose to protect our machines (and our sanity) by unplugging them during storms. 
    The other reason in my area is during the winter months.  To give you an idea of what snow and ice can do--My kids were out of school for an entire week this year due to snow.  A whole, solid week.  Nine days, including weekends.  For one, I was not going out in that weather either!  Two, imagine being stuck in the house, away from the studio, with two young children not used to being stuck in the house--with nothing to do!  Not much gets done at that time.  And then, we all may need a day or two to recover, and regain some sanity! 
    All that being said--these instances are few and far between, and as long as you've given ample time, you should not need to be concerned about it at all!

    Why is your turnaround time longer in spring? top

    Let's face it, the weather is perfect for weddings ... not too hot, not too cold, it hardly rains, and the sun is usually out for the most part.  Just about everybody plans their wedding in the spring time.  What that means for me is that starting in January and ending around July, I am swamped with orders for spring (early summer) weddings.  Please, as always-be certain of your ship-by date when you place your order.  That really is the most important bit of info to remember about your order!

    What is your refund policy? top

    Although I would love to be able to have every transaction run as smoothly as possible, there are things that can go wrong.  Sometimes the little bumps can be fixed, but sometimes, a refund is in order.

    Each situation is a little different, and will be handled on an individual basis.  Here are my standards for NOT issuing refunds:

    Refunds are not issued for shipping charges once an order has been shipped.

    Refunds are not issued for rush charges once an order has been shipped.

    Refunds are not issued for personalized items, such as embroidered or monogrammed items unless the error is ours.  Be sure to check your spelling when submitting an order with embroidery!

    Most situations can be resolved quickly.  If you are unhappy with your order once it has been received, please email me to discuss your options. 

    Refunds are only issued for items that have been returned and received back in stock.  I will email you when the order has been received and I will also let you know when you can expect to see your refund.  Refunds are issued in the same way that they are paid.  If you pay by credit card, you will receive a refund on your credit card, and so on.

    In the case that a personalized (monogrammed) item is not right, refunds will be issued if it is my fault.  If your spelling was wrong, or you put the monogram initials in the wrong order, I can not refund your order for those situations.  Please be sure to check for spelling, grammer, and letter placement errors before hitting the "submit order button". 

    If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to email me to discuss it. 

    What if my package is lost in shipping? top

    Once an item leaves our hands, unfortunately we have no control over what happens to it.  Therefore, we can not be responsible for the item after we ship it.  I wish that we were able to replace it without cost, but we can not.  If you need a new item sent out, please place a new order for it, and let me know that the item was lost in shipping(please send a seperate email, as sometimes we don't see the order the same day it's placed).  I will whip up a new one, and send it right out.  Since I keep all of my embroidery designs, I will be able to restitch it easily.  If you need it very quickly, consider adding express shipping to your order-otherwise it will be shipping with standard shipping options. 
    I do hope that all orders arrive safely and on time, but in the rare instances that an item is lost, we will do what we can to get you taken care of as soon as possible. 

    What if my item does not get here in time? top

    I will always make sure that your item ships by the date requested on your order, as long as that date complies with the store policies (4 week minimum for standard orders, 2 week minimum for rush unless shorter time approved in advance).  This is the date your order will SHIP, not the date you will receive it.  This is a date that you choose, so please choose it carefully!

    Items will typically be shipped USPS priority mail for orders within the US, First Class mail for international orders.  Priority mail is generally 2-3 days, but is not guaranteed.  International first class--if you are outside of the US, you most likely have a better idea of the shipping times than I do.  Please put your shipping date early enough to get it in time!  Same thing with international priority...once an item leaves the US, I do not know the shipping time for each country. 

    I will do everything I can to make sure that an order will get to you in time, and I will ship it by the date requested via the shipping method chosen.  However, there may be times where there is an issue with shipping.  This is very rare, but it does happen.  If I have shipped the order by the date specified, I can not be responsible if the items do not get to you in time.  If items are shipped by the date you request, and shipped via the shipping method you choose, and it does not get to you in time, I can not issue a refund on those items.  This is especially true for international orders, which can vary so much and over which I have no control.  Due to the custom, personalized nature of our items, we can not accept returns on these items.

    The only exception to products available for return are non-personalized items, such as a simple garter.  For items that are not personalized, you can return them and I will issue a refund for the item itself.  Shipping charges and/or rush ordering charges are non-refundable. 

    Please make sure to choose a ship by date that will get your items to you in time!  This is so important.  If it is close to your wedding, and you have not gotten the items, contact me as soon as possible!  If it is the day before your wedding, there is nothing I can do to get it to you something in time!  If we have at lease a few days before your wedding, there may be something we can arrange to get something to you.  We may be able to squeeze in redoing the items and shipping them out to you right away, but in this case you would be responsible for express shipping charges.  And the original items must be shipped back, or you will be charged for the replacements.  With everything, it is imperative that you contact us with any concerns at all as soon as possible!


    How do I send swatches? top

    You are more than welcome to send a fabric swatch for us to match.  I will do my best to match the color that you want.  You can send fabric, an invitation, program, or anything with your wedding colors.
    If you don't have a lot of fabric to take swatches from, or if you don't want to send fabric, a good tip is to take your fabric to your local paint store, or home improvement store, and match your fabric to a paint swatch.  I got that idea from Martha Stewart years ago, and it is a great idea! 
    Please let me know that you are shipping a color sample, so that I can be sure to watch for it and match it to your order.
    Ship to the following address
    Monde Design
    PO Box 1584
    Raymore, MO  64083


    Can I call you? top

    You are more than welcome to call.  If you reach voicemail, please leave a message including your phone number and email address so that I can return your call or send you an email.  I do prefer to ask/answer questions via email, as I can always refer back to any information that we discuss, and I don't need to worry that I will forget something, or forget to write something down.  Please make sure to include an email address in your message, or call and email both. 

    email:  shelli@thegartermaker.net
    phone: 816.305.6854

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